• Day life needs

    Within the maintenance into operational condition of military components for ships, helicopters and aircrafts, we supply spares and equipments related to mechanic, hydraulic, electric and electronic devices, security and all the day life needs.
    After more than 20 years of experience, the company has being able to list more than 2500 suppliers and subcontractors, has being able to develop a national and international distribution network based in the NATO codification, as well as the manufacturer’s part numbers. This gives us the chance to supply a wide scope of stores answering your operational needs.

    Screw, Rivet, Nut, Washer pin, Spring, O ring, Hose, Coupler, Wire, Bearing, Support, Filter, N.B.C.D. filters, Transistor, Fuse, Switch, Semi-conductor, Relay, Sleeve, Knob, Light, Bulb, Connector, Adaptor, Cover, Shackles, Hawsers, Cartridges, Battery, Screwdriver, Key, Cable, Valve, Fluid Valve, Starter, Volumetric flow meter, Generator, PCB, Fuel pump, Mask, Wheel, Control panel, Fire detector, Ignition harness, Indicator, Transmitter, Cranes, Electronic card, Printed circuit, Diesel engine, Turbo compressor, Shaft line, Gear box, Propeller, Pumps, Sacrificial anode, Vessel monitoring and control system, Windshield, Canopy, Window, Thermocouple, Hoist assy, Tires…
  • Michelin Tires

    michelin.logoTRIPARTITE is a distributor in civil and military aviation of MICHELIN tires and have a storage for answering specific and immediate needs. We supply :
    • M00306 NLG, M00106 MLG (Mirage 2000)
    • M00306 NLG, M00407 MLG (Mirage F1)
    • M00503 NLG, M00106 MLG (Mirage 50/III/V)
    • M06502 NLG, M05802MLG , M07202 NLG , M08002 MLG (Rafale)
    • M01903 NLG, M10401 MLG, M01903 NLG, M10701 MLG (Alphajet)
    • M00808 MLG, 005-643-0 NLG, 005-668-3 MLG, M07707 MLG, M16701 NLG, M07704 MLG, 008-665-3 (F16)
    • M01701 NLG, M10701 MLG (Jaguar)
    • M08301 NLG (Falcon 20/50)
    • 008-369-0 NLG, 008-413-2 MLG, 033-754-1, 038-881-0, (C130)
    • 001-596-0 MLG (Super Puma)
    • 001-321-0 (Puma)
    • 065-543-0 tire, 097-543-0 tube (Alouette III)
    Among others. Pneumatique michelin
  • Chemical products

    We supply all chemicals products required for the maintenance such as oil, grease, fluid, glue, mastic, cleaner, paint, basic chemistry (acetone, acid, alcohol, petroleum jelly, white spirit, etc).

  • Oxygen production

    As a partner of AIR LIQUIDE, we ensure sale and maintenance of LOX tanks of all sizes (150L, 800L and 4200L), GMAG, GPV, XLG, GENA 20, GMOG, DOS, GENALOX and protective smoke hoods for cabin crew.

    • Liquid oxygen tank: A transportable equipment of 150L or 800L or 4200L.
    • Helicopter emergency egress device (HEED): Compact diving equipment. This diving equipment is intended to be worn over a flying suit, allowing the crew of a military helicopter to escape quickly in the event of a forced splashdown.
    • Oxyplane: Oxygen generator, liquid or gaseous, with aircraft grade (99.5%).
    • Nitrogen generator for harsh military environment (GMAG): Elimination of the logistic associated with systems for storing liquid nitrogen and transporting cylinders.
    • GPV: Is a high pressure liquid to gas nitrogen/oxygen converter dedicated to aircraft for ground support facilities.
    • Oxygen generator with purity up to 93% (DOS): Autonomous gaseous oxygen generator for field hospital.
    • Protective cabin crew smoke hood PBE 15-40F-11: The smoke hood is an equipment easy to wear that ensure an optimal protection in case of fire (equipment with no chemical candle)
    • Containerized oxygen production for field hospital: Particularly suitable for harsh military environment, this mobile container ensures the full autonomy of a field hospital by guaranteeing its supply in oxygen.
  • Flight instruments